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  Henry B Gonzales Convention Center
Owner: City of San Antonio
GC: Clark Construction
Pad Area:
Paving Area:

HBGCC was M&M's first major combination project, consisting of the demolition of the existing convention center, foundation prep for the new facility and 20' of excavation along an existing building to extend the city's famous Riverwalk. As usual, M&M had to deal with scheduling, coordination and archeological issues associated with downtown work but we also had to deal with highly sensitive water mains which eliminated the use of compactors on the project.
  Westin Hotel
Owner: Westin
GC: Lyda
Acres: 1

Archealogical delays, traffic concerns and water issues were all encountered on this project. Because excavation was required below river level, a well point system had to be set up and gravel needed to be installed to stabilize the ground. Market Street Parking Garage was later added to the project and it required excavation below street level. During excavation, Alamo Era foundation walls along with small artifacts were uncovered and the project was quickly halted. In order to recapture lost time, M&M was forced to utilize night crews.
  San Fernando Cathedral
Owner: The Archdiocese of San Antonio
GC: Spaw Glass
Acres: 1
Pad Area: 116,000 SF
Paving Area: N/A

San Fernando Cathedral was both a historic and hectic project. M&M had to constantly deal with the media attention it received due to its historic presence in San Antonio and also with the traffic issues, both of which created a scheduling nightmare. Selective demolition was required inside and outside in preperations for the new rectory. In addition to the excavation for the building pad, M&M's site services had to also dig for a new CPS vault.
  South Bank
Owner: South Bank Ventures
GC: Browning Construction
Acres: 1

South Bank, which was the eventual home of Planet Hollywood, Peasanos Riverwalk and others, was a difficult project because it was on the Riverwalk level. Twenty feet of bentonite slurry wall was placed around the project to seal off the water to allow for excavation.
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