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  La Quinta Downtown
Owner: La Quinta Inn & Suites
GC: Lyda
Acres: 2
Pad Area: 47,300 SF
Paving Area:
106,000 SF

M&M demolished the existing La Quinta to provide customers a new parking lot, accommodating the newly designed hotel. The project stood in a hot spot of downtown San Antonio; Commerce street and the Rivercenter Mall. Elm and Blum street had to be demolished and reconstructed, both of which were conducted in different phases to allow traffic to remain operational for Denny's and the existing La Quinta. Interestingly, an ancient acequia exists underneath the roads restricting paving and compaction methods to preserve the artifact. M&M experienced a few problems with unforeseen utilities and tie ins to an active Commerce Street, but overall the project was a huge success.
  Westin Hotel
Owner: Westin
GC: Lyda
Acres: 1

Archealogical delays, traffic concerns and water issues were all encountered on this project. Because excavation was required below river level, a well point system had to be set up and gravel needed to be installed to stabilize the ground. Market Street Parking Garage was later added to the project and it required excavation below street level. During excavation, Alamo Era foundation walls along with small artifacts were uncovered and the project was quickly halted. In order to recapture lost time, M&M was forced to utilize night crews.
  La Quinta Midhorizon
Owner: La Quinta Inn & Suites
GC: Lyda - Swinerton
Acres: 3
Pad Area: 30,000 SF
Paving Area: 82,000

The La Quinta at Midhorizon is the second La Quinta worked on by M&M, both for the same GC. This project entailed a new hotel and supporting sitework, including clearing, building pad, paving and retaining walls. The site is comprised of heavy caliche which had to be excavated and replaced with suitable select material. Coordination was important because of the small site area.
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