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recycling process.

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Recycling Services are available
through our San Antonio office:

Recycling Services
Phone: 210-648-4010
Fax: 210-648-1497
E-mail: demolition@m-mcontracting.com
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Recycling Services

As landfills continue to be regulated and their dump fees continue to escalate, it makes economical sense to seek alternate methods of handling concrete from construction and demolition projects. According to national studies, over half of the states in the U.S. actively recycle concrete into their projects. Typical applications consist of using recycled concrete as road base, select fill for building pads, construction entrances and erosion control.

There are many benefits of using recycled concrete:
• Protects natural resources
• Decrease disposal costs
• Material and Time cost savings
• LEED accreditation

M&M Contracting is fully capable of handling your recycling needs. Our recycling operation can crush over 17,000 tons of concrete a month and is entirely mobile. Within a weeks time, we can mobilize our equipment and set up operations on your site, conveniently recycling your concrete; leaving suitable aggregate material in our place.

Our screener can be configured to produce the aggregate sizes listed below.

3/4” to Dust - Select Fill
Building Pads, Lay-down Area
1 3/4” to Dust - Road Base *
Road Base, Building Pads, Lay-Down Areas
1 3/4“ to 3” - Filter Rock
Septic Systems, Erosion Control, Lay-down Areas
3” to 5” - Bull Rock
Construction Entrance; Erosion Control

* Certified A2 road base
M&M will sale material in the event of surplus product.
Pricing can be obtained by calling our recycling office.